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We believe the best way to find loyal customers is to reach them via word of mouth, that is why we're sharing our influencer program with friends who love our brand, vision & products.

How it works

Affiliate program details - a quick overview & guide, program terms & conditions, payment structure and registration form to be filled.

  1. You may fill the quick & easy Registration form below to provide a few details & sign up for our affiliate program be replying to InfinityNorthOrders@gmail.com
  2. We’ll send across a unique referral link to our website, which is associated to you.
  3. We’ll provide you with an affiliate dashboard to track your conversions, and branding elements that can be used while sharing with your audience.
  4. Share the link with embedded code on your social page, blog or website.
  5. A subscriber visits & signs up for any plan using your link - you get 10% as commission, no surprises, tiers or calculations.

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