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Introducing élever+ (/’Ay.le.vay.plus/)

élever+, formally known as Cell-DTX, was developed and is taken every day by experts in the medical field who focus on natural health and wellness for all. It is formulated, manufactured and trusted by Canadians! 


We were brainstorming how the results made us feel and the word “lift” popped up because it lifts our energy, which in return lifts and our minds and bodies, but “lift” wasn’t the word. An accurate synonym for “lift” is “elevate.” 


DEFINED: “to raise or lift (something) up to a higher position.”


We know our product can raise or lift our client’s health, mind, body and energy into a higher position. From there, we found the French word “elever” (pronounced: /’Ay.le.vay./) and loved the way it rolled off the tongue. We then added a “+” because we tell everyone it’s so much more than a multi-vitamin.


It was formulated to solve the  most common health concerns doctors hear on a daily basis,

  • Fatigue + Lack of Energy
  • Indigestion + Bloating
  • Sleep Disturbances + Restlessness
  • Weight Loss Resistance + Inflammation
  • Hormones + Mood


We’ve made it possible to feel less overwhelmed at the end of each day by combining only the best natural ingredients with working towards changing your overall health from the inside out.  Our B-complex vitamin blend gives the mind, body and energy the sustained natural boost when our clients need it. We packed digestive power right into it to increase the absorption of the vitamin and mineral complexes, essential to optimizing metabolism, energy production, and more! 


élever+ is the last supplement you’ll ever need! Why? Because Élever+ has been the all-in-one, number one choice of natural doctors for more than ten years! Are you continually searching for more energy? Do you have trouble fulfilling your daily obligations and expectations? Have you talked to your doctor over and over again with no results? Have you followed all the exercise programs and new diets trying to lose weight with still no luck?


Well, that’s about to change! 


élever+ transforms your body from the inside to allow you to be your best self. It allows you to choose your own health! 


Are you ready? 


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