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Inside Élever+ Supplements - ZINC


Another day, another amazing ingredient inside of our multivitamins.  How much do you know about zinc?  Keep reading to discover all of the incredible advantages of this well known mineral.

Zinc is a mineral that people need to stay healthy - it plays a crucial role in our immune systems.  It helps the immune system fight off invading bacteria and viruses, and we need zinc to make proteins and DNA! (Source)

Brief History

Zinc was first established essential for green plants in 1926 and for mammals in 1934.  However, not before 20 years had passed before the first descriptions of zinc deficiencies would be evident in farm animals.  In 1958, it was reported that zinc deficiency induced poor growth, leg abnormalities, and poor feathering in chicks.  Within 35 years, it was established that nearly half of the soils in the world may be zinc deficient (Source).

Health Benefits

Zinc helps keep your immune system strong, because it is necessary for immune cell function and cell signaling - a deficiency can lead to a weakened immune response.  Zinc supplements stimulate particular immune cells and reduce oxidative stress, they also significantly reduce the risk of infections and promote immune response in older adults (Source).

Zinc & Inflammation

Zinc decreases the oxidative stress and reduces levels of certain inflammatory proteins in your body (Source).

Oxidative stress leads to chronic inflammation, a contributing factor in a wide array of chronic illnesses, such as heart disease, cancer and mental decline (Source).

Zinc may effectively reduce inflammation, boost immune health, reduce your risk of age-related diseases, speed wound healing and improve acne symptoms (Source).

Where does it come from?

Zinc is commonly found in mineral deposits along with other base metals, such as copper and lead.  Zinc deposits are broadly classified on the basis of how they are formed.  Zinc is produced mainly from three types of deposits: sedimentary exhalative (sedex), Mississippi Valley type (MVT), and volcanogenic massive sulfide (VMS) (Source).


Take some time to digest this information, and realize just why Zinc is something you should be supplementing into your diet.  The benefits are there and you deserve to feel great!

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