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Inside élever+ Supplements - TURMERIC


Today we want to let you in on a bit of a secret and spoiler alert...it’s pretty spicy! Did you know that one of the amazing ingredients we use in our multivitamins is turmeric? 

Some of you might know about turmeric and the remarkable advantages it yields for our bodies. If you don't, we highly encourage you to read on so you can get in on the loop! 

It just so happens that turmeric serves as the ultimate power punch for inflammation, a common health concern that many women report problems with throughout their day. 

As a leading health brand, part of our mission is to provide people access to information about our supplements to help improve their personal wellness so they may feel, look, and live better! That's why we want to provide you with the juice on this vital ingredient, so you can know what's going in your body when turmeric is added to the party. 

So without further ado, read as we dive into the vibrant world of turmeric. Who knows, maybe you’ll learn something new about this spice with a golden hue! 

A Short & Spicy History 

When people think of turmeric the first thing that pops into their mind is likely the bright, golden colour it’s known for - and how could they not?! It’s this beautiful colour that makes it so distinct from other spices in our pantry. 

But just how does this spice get its vibrant pigmentation? The answer to that is Curcumin! (Source)

Curcumin or "Curcuminoid" is a group of pigments found in turmeric. This highly potent substance gives the root its signature yellow-gold colour and makes it look like powdered sunshine! (Source)

In addition to creating a beautiful hue, curcumin also happens to be the main contributor to the natural health benefits the spice has become famous for. 

Health Uses

Turmeric has been used for centuries as an all-natural remedy to fight ailments and encourage a healthy gut, skin, and body. “The activities of turmeric include antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antitumor, antioxidant, antiseptic, cardioprotective, hepatoprotective, nephroprotective, radioprotective, and digestive activities.” (Source)

Turmeric & Inflammation

Obviously, the spice works in many ways to help us address specific problems. But ultimately, it’s by assisting people dealing with different types of pain associated with inflammation that makes it an essential ingredient in our supplements. 


Diets & Digestion 

Mother nature enlisted turmeric to successfully fight off pesky diet villains like inflammation.  Inflammation in our digestive system causes the uncomfortable and sometimes painful sensation that occurs when we feel bloated after we eat.

This makes it an ideal ingredient that can be incorporated into many delicious recipes. (See our Turmeric recipe picks at the end of this blog!)


For digestive disorders taking turmeric reduces…


  • Flatus
  • Jaundice 
  • Menstrual difficulties 
  • Colic
  • Abdominal Pain & Distension 
  • Dyspeptic conditions like loss of appetite, bloating and postprandial feelings of fullness after eating, liver, and gallbladder complaints. (Source

    Acne & Skin Conditions 

    Along with our diets, inflammation may also form common skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema. These conditions affect our skin's surface and could interfere with our self-confidence and comfort as we function throughout the day. (SourceUsing turmeric as a cosmetic treatment is not uncommon to treat these common skin issues. Several multinational companies are involved in making face creams that contain turmeric to help treat the skin and alleviate problems like acne. (Source)


    In some parts of India - Bangladesh and Pakistan - applying a turmeric paste on the face is supposed to help brides and grooms have glowy skin on their wedding day. Now, who doesn't want that?! Beyond glowy skin, this paste is also applied to help keep harmful bacteria away from the body. (Source)


    Though applying topical creams and serums will treat the skin, skincare companies also seek turmeric as a protectant. Turmeric soothes inflammation symptoms, making it an ideal ingredient to combat harmful sun rays that damage skin cells through over-exposure. As a result, turmeric is currently used to formulate several sunscreens to help people beat the heat and the consequences that come with it. So bye-bye, sunburns! (Source




    We don't think many people know about this one, but turmeric has been used to help treat the pain caused by Arthritis! Arthritis is deciphered based on the swelling and tenderness of one or more of the body’s joints. It’s a type of inflammation that most commonly causes pain, stiffness, and a decreased ability to engage in a range of motion. (Source)

    The fact that we can use spice to help relieve us of this pain that affects us as we get older is pretty cool, don't you think? 



    Why Does It Work So Well? 

    Regardless of the type of discomfort and pain we experience, when inflammation occurs in our body, the body’s reaction is to administer an inflammatory response. This response involves a series of events that will eventually lead to the migration of white blood cells to the inflamed area. (Source)


    Turmeric works so well because of the powerful substance within turmeric (*ahem, curcumin), which inhibits mediators for this inflammatory response. Sending these meditators will dispatch the proper help to allow the body to recover and improve its functioning. (Source


    The spice is one of mother nature's most potent anti-inflammatories, but where turmeric is made will influence its quality. For best results, turmeric needs to grow effectively in the proper environment. So, it’s important to understand where turmeric grew up...literally because it’s a plant. Yes, we're talking about its home roots in India. 

    Hot Weather Required  

    India produces nearly all of the world’s turmeric crop and happens to be the spice’s largest consumer. In fact, their country consumes 80% of their crop each year - how crazy is that? The city of Erode is the world’s largest producer and serves as the most important trading center for turmeric. Because of this, they’ve coined themselves the nickname “Yellow City,” or “Turmeric City” as evidence of its importance! (Source)


    Though the spice is no stranger to the world and has been around for at least 4000 years, many scientists and historians have popularly argued that South Asia is its original homeTherefore it's unsurprising that India has remained to be such a large cultivator and trading partner for the world's supply of the spice. 


    Indian turmeric is considered to be the best in the world because of the climate the spice grows in. As a cousin of the ginger family, the turmeric root requires tropical conditions to thrive in large numbers. Like ginger, turmeric will grow its best in warm, humid conditions and well-drained, neutral soil. (Source) In India’s hot elements, turmeric can form the high content of the critical bioactive compound curcumin it needs to make it so great. 


    Based on this information, it’s no surprise that India is the largest producer of this spice...For this spice to be hot, it has to be somewhere hot! 



    Make sure to take some time to digest all this cool information. Turmeric could just be the essential ingredient you need to raise your health to the next level!  


    Third-Party Recipes

    To accompany you on your wellness journey, explore some of these drool-worthy turmeric recipes to help you maximize the advantages of this super spice! 


    • Turmeric Latte (Source
    • Turmeric, Carrot, Ginger Soup (Source)
    • Turmeric Scrambled Eggs (Source
    • Turmeric Broth With Ginger & Chicken Dumplings (Source
    • Turmeric Roasted Cauliflower Tacos (Source)
    • Pineapple Turmeric Smoothie (Source


    About élever+

    Turmeric is one of the amazing ingredients we put in our élever+ Supplements


    élever+ tackles…


    • Fatigue & Lack of Energy
    • Indigestion & Bloating
    • Sleep Disturbances & Restlessness
    • Weight Loss Resistance & Inflammation
    • Hormones & Mood
    élever+ is designed to take advantage of turmeric’s nutritional benefits in the form of a multivitamin supplement. By taking élever+, we make it possible for clients to alleviate frequent problems like bloating, stress, and cravings that interfere with their daily lives.


    To learn more check out our product here




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